My first blog 😊



So here it is, my very first blog post!! How exciting!! I’ve been thinking all day about everything that I want to blog about and I just don’t know when I’m going to find the time!!

There’s so much I want to blog about ahhhhh!!!

So this first blog is about my journey on the 90 day SSS plan.

I started the plan that The Body Coach aka Joe Wicks created on 4th July 2016. I did a lot of research into it and read a lot of conflicting articles. My boyfriend and I had bought his book and at the time we were following his meals and doing HIIT training but with no structure. It took me a while but I decided to take the plunge.

It has changed my life.

I’ve always battled with my weight ever since I turned 20. I went to university and my weight went up and down throughout. When I left university and hit the big world I worked as cabin crew for almost 6 years, again the weight went up and down. I put it down to the fact that I was eating meals at odd hours, in reality I was making excuses.

Then I found running. Which I then thought I could still eat what I wanted (junk) and run and keep it off, how wrong I was. After a while I started to gain weight so much so that I found it difficult to get my pace back when running. I used to run 8-15 miles a week! In the end I fell out of love with running.

So one day I looked myself in the mirror and I thought to myself, I have to do something.

I signed up for the plan and never looked back, why? Because it has changed my relationship with food. I always looked at food especially chocolate as comfort food. If I was stressed I would eat a whole tub of chocolate and even if I wasn’t that exactly what I’d do.

Since joining the 90 day SSS plan my body has changed in so many ways. For the first time in my life I have lost inches off my hips, my whole body has become more toned. I haven’t lost an awful lot of weight but that wasn’t my aim, I think my pictures speak for themselves. It’s taken sometime to adjust to this new lifestyle and it doesn’t happen over night. It takes determination and persistence to see results, but when you see the results coming through it all makes sense. It all makes it worth it, makes those days you’ve woken up and can’t even walk down the stairs worth it.

I’m now in the middle of cycle 3 of the 90 day SSS plan, and I feel healthier, leaner and fitter than ever.

So if you’re sitting on the other side of this screen and wondering if you should spend you hard earned cash to join the 90 Day SSS plan, my questions to you would be as follows:

Are you ready to make a change?
Do you feel 100% dedicated to change your lifestyle

If you’re answers to those questions are yes go and sign up, it will change your life. You have to be ready for it, you have to be ready for the change in lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong we are all humans and of course I had cheat meals, but notice the difference? Cheat meals not cheat days!

It’s your time to shine, your time to take your life into your hands and make that change.

This is your journey, this is #myjourneytofit


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