Fit doesn’t mean six pack


So something that’s been getting to me lately has been that every time I’m on social media all I see is ‘fit girls’ with six packs advertising active wear.

Now of course I understand why you’d use someone that has washboard abs rather than someone who has a curvy figure. It annoys me because you can still be fit, healthy and lean without having this perception of a ‘perfect body’. You can still be curvy and run marathons, and be fit. The other thing that happens, (we all do this) we start to compare ourselves to these people. It’s normal to do this but it’s damaging. That girl that’s got the most amazing flab board stomach and lean arms has worked her ass off to be where she is.


We are all different, we are individuals. There has been numerous times when I’ve sat behind my phone screen and said ‘I’d love to look like that’ or ‘I wish I had abs like that’. Stop.

Learn to love yourself.

I must admit it did take me a while to learn to love myself and understand that we all have imperfections. Believe it or not, even that girl behind the screen has imperfections. Learn to love yourself from the inside and out. Strive to achieve what you can of you, and if you feel totally amazing but don’t have washboards abs then you go girl! It’s about embracing our flaws and realising that no one is perfect and that perfect doesn’t exist.

Its hard. As a women we suffer huge pressures to look sexy, glamours ect. You can still do this by feeling comfortable in your own skin.

I think the modelling industry is changing with today’s society but it’s taking time. I think one of the areas active wear companies should look into is using curvy, different shaped women to advertise their brands.

Everyone has a journey and everyone starts somewhere, so embrace those women to inspire and empower others.


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