The 90 Day SSS Plan / My Weight Journey

So I started the 90 Day SSS Plan created by Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach on 4th July 2016.
For months I had been following the recipes in his books and doing HIIT Training around 2/3 nights a week, however I didn’t see much change in my body and I felt it was almost wasted efforts.

I decided to sign up for the plan after seeing everyone else achieve goals that I wish I could achieve. I have alway fought a battle with my weight. Until my early 20s I could eat everything without putting weight on. Then I started University and the weight piled on. Looking back I was in a relationship and I was probably completely unhappy. We led such a bad lifestyle and it just kept creeping up.

Half way through University I was diagnosed with IBS. This was hard, it was a challenging time for me to find ways to cope with this, at least I didn’t cope very well with it. It’s not until very recently where I have found ways to deal with it. I’ll create another post on my IBS later on.

I left University and started working for an airline company which lasted for 6 years. Throughout my weight again fluctuated up and down constantly. I remember days where I would hate getting into my uniform because it would feel too tight. I tried various diets, the cambridge diet, slimming world and slim fast. Admittedly they did work but they weren’t a long term fix.

Then in 2012 I was diagnosed with Duodenitis, in short I was nausea all the time and couldn’t hold down any food whatsoever. I was living on two belvita biscuits a day! I lost a lot of weight and weighed an unhealthy 10st 4lb. Unhealthy for my type of body. I really felt the cold in the winter, I was constantly drained and my eyes started to get blood shot. I was on serval medications but nothing worked. It was all due to stress. I would stress about not being able to go to work, and that caused me to get worse.

I then met someone and life took a better turn, I wasn’t as stressed and the nausea and sickness slowly went, we weren’t meant to be and the cycle started again where I wasn’t able to hold down any food.

Then luckily within a month I met my boyfriend, again life was on a high and I was getting better.

We moved in together in 2014 and that’s when all the takeaways and ‘being too comfortable’ started. We just ate and ate. I was so obsessed with food, I would always look to my next mean. We always cooked homemade food but a lot of this food would be tinned or canned food.

Most recently I looked in the mirror at the beginning of the year and realised I had just piled the weight back on. That’s when I bought Joe’s book Lean in 15. I encouraged my other half to cook together these meals, which we did. We then started the HIIT training together, after giving up running. We loved the delicious recipes and training, but I wasn’t getting anywhere fast.

I kept seeing everyones transformation photos and I thought to myself, ‘if they can do it so can i’!

So here I am in the middle of Cycle 3 of my 90 Day SSS Plan journey.

Would I do it all over again? YES

Would I recommend it to others? 100% YES

Can you do it too? YES, if you’re ready to change your mind and body, go for it!

Is it a hard diet? For me this isn’t a diet, its a way of life, the plan has taught me about how to fuel my body in the right way!

So stop looking at everyone else’s transformation photos and buy the plan, it is the best £147 I have ever spent on my health!




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