Moderation not deprivation

One thing I have learnt throughout my journey to fit is the following:

‘Moderation not deprivation’

I’ve learnt that my journey isn’t just about the 90 days I am completing as part of the 90 Day SSS plan, but a journey of life changing habits. A journey that may take me longer than I anticipated.

With this in mind I’m a firm believer that it’s okay to have a slice of cake, or a cheeky chocolate bar, that this isn’t going to completely damage what I have put my blood sweat and tears into. It’s about moderation, yes I can have a piece of cake, but not every day of the week. Once a week. Or once every so often, because guess what, life is too short not to eat cake!

My biggest craving is sweet food, I am a massive chocolate, cake, anything sweet addict. So from time to time, I will have a chocolate digestive at work when everyone else is tucking in. It all comes down to finding a balance.

Balance is extremely important in life, especially if you’re embarking on such a big lifestyle change like I have. It’s hard at first, I was so focused and determined which isn’t a bad thing but then I felt bad once I did have a treat. I remember I used to feel so guilty about having the odd biscuit or treat, now that i’m further into my journey, I understand that I’m human.

With a healthy lifestyle its about sustain it, and its not about finding forbidden foods, everything is allowed in moderation.

So remember that your journey is one step at a time, if you eat cake, fine don’t beat yourself up about it carry on and enjoy it just have it in moderation!



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