So I want to talk to you all about the last couple of weeks. I came back from holiday where I absolutely bossed HIIT sessions and did so well, I came back and lost 2kgs whilst away.

When I came back my motivation just plummeted. Plummeted to absolutely 0! I had no motivation whatsoever. We came back from holiday and the clocks went back the nights set in and it was cold.

Since the beginning of my journey I have always trained at home in the conservatory. The last few weeks I’d get home and sit on the couch!

I felt like I hit a brick wall! After a binge eating weekend I decide enough was enough, so on Tuesday this week I signed up for the gym.

I did my first gym session last night and my word did I love it!!!! I came out and felt like I was back on my feet and I found a purpose. I felt like I knew why I’ve been doing these last three months, that sometimes it’s okay to loose the motivation, but there comes a time when you need to find a different or training.

Whilst I was waiting for my boyfriend to arrive I was reading the article from with Joe Wicks. It was dated back to May this year but I felt like I got a lot from reading the article. It’s definitely worth a read if you ever come across it.

I guess this post is about understanding that it’s okay to sometimes loose your way or go to the gym and have a rubbish session. You just have to remember where you started and where you want to get too. Having realistic goals those that you can measure but most importantly that are sustainable.

Remember it’s not a race it’s not a battle. Do the best you can. Be open to new options and different ways of training. Surround yourself with positivity and you’ll achieve the best you can.

Remember where you started, remember where you want to be, remember all those sweat and tears will all be worth it. 💞


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