One week after graduation

So one week after the 90 Day SSS Plan graduation. ……

Last week was a good week my other half and I decided to follow the principles of Cycle 1 with using the food from the books. It was a good week but I didn’t feel focused, I felt like I needed to do something different.

I didnt have the chance to read my Graduation report extensively. I made time to read it over the weekend. I decided that until after Christmas and the New Year I would macro count.

Initially I had completed my final form to my Super Hero and said I wanted to maintain my weight, which initially I did. Last week though I changed my mind and felt like I still had some weight to loose. With this in mind I started the week off using My fitness pal app for logging my macros. I found that my macros probably weren’t correct for weight loss. I emailed my super hero and she provided me with new macros within 3 days of emailing her, what amazing service.

So now I have my new macro figures they are as follows:

Training day 

  • 169g Portein
  • 95g carbs
  • 54g fat

Rest days

  • 169g protein
  • 59g carbs
  • 73g fats

It’s taking me sometime to adjust and find my feet by using the macros but I think I will get there. My fitness pal app is great for entering all my foods and seeing what allowance I have left.

I am only really following macros because I want to continue loosing weight. I have decided I will also focus a lot of my training using HIIT. I’ll try and aim for 3/4 times a week in the gym if I can.

I’m also working on my abs and plank, I want to strengthen my core, I love having goals and objectives as it makes me work so much harder. I know that I may have to change my training to incorporate weights at some stage because I need to build muscle but that’ll come later.

I will update you all once I have gotten a little further with my macro counting!!

I hope you all have a lovely week!!


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