A surreal moment 

I’m not entirely sure where to start with this post……. I guess I’ll start at the beginning.

So last night my self and my other half went to The YouTube Space in London for Joe Wicks book launch of ‘the sustain plan’. This is the last book from Joe Wicks lean in 15 trilogy, although he has several more books to be released. 

We turned up rather early and waited outside, we were the second people to arrive. We met two lovely lovely ladies whilst waiting in the queue. One of them called Jan. Once 6 o’clock hit we were let in, given a wrist band with three free drinks (boozy) and name tag. At this point Joe was just walking around mingling with everyone, which was pretty cool. I didn’t really feel star struck at first, I guess because I follow him on most of his social media platforms it almost feels like you know them.

We met Joe’s friend Ted also known as awkward Ted or TeddyHub. He was such a gem. Such a nice guy, and it felt like I already knew him (stalking his snap chat and Instagram stories)! He was so real and ‘normal’, if I’m honest I didn’t know what to really expect from Joes friends. I wasn’t disappointed they were all so down to earth. 

Joe did a lengthy Q&A with the Hemsley Sisters. It was really good and in depth. Q&A was then chucked into the audience. There were some great questions from everyone. I think there must have been about 150 people in attendance. 

After the Q&A we all had a chance to enter a 3D booth to have a photo with Joe which was awesome! Although I’m not exactly chuffed with the photo I had taken, mouth wide open laughing!! 😂

All in all it was a fantastic night, Joe took the time to mingle with everyone and speak to each and everyone of us. 

I must admit, he is so down to earth and exactly as he comes across on his social media. Only one disappointment was one of his entourage was a little rude and somewhat spoilt some of the mingling, but I guess that’s the way the business works.

It was great to see Joe around his friends and fans. The interaction he has has with everyone is amazing, he genuinely has time to speak to you. One thing that I noticed is those who he had previously met or spoken to on social media he recognised instantly, for example Jan the lady I met in the queue. Jan had sent his nephew, Oscar, a knitted blanket and he knew exactly who she was, so did Ted. 

All in all, it was a brilliant night and so worth going. 

He is such a genuine and normal guy that made a business for something he is deeply passionate about.

The surreal moment came when someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘excuse me do you write a blog? Are you 90daysssblog on Instagram’. That was such a strange moment for me, to know that people read my blogs is such a strange feeling. The lovely lady called Lisa has been following me on Instagram and even asked for my picture it was crazy!! It was lovely to meet you Lisa and thank you for reading my blog.

I only ever started this blog because I want to help and inspire others to achieve anything they want, not for any other reason! 

I guess for someone that’s never thought about writing anything in their life it’s a pretty special moment knowing that people read the words that I write. And also to be recognised! 🙈

So to all of you who are reading this post, thank you! 😘


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