I’ve been thinking

So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, about a lot of different things. I thought I’d share them with you all.

Angles – a couple of days ago I posted a photo on my Instagram about angles, how angles can change the way someone looks! I see so many photos of girls on Instagram that portray that they look like they have abs 24/7. Reality is ladies and gents they don’t. They have abs when they tense and when they sit down like the rest of us they have rolls!! I wonder how many of us (including myself) sit there day in day out and say ‘I wish I looked like her’ ‘Oh I wish I had abs’…. You can too if you work hard like they probably have.. but why compare yourself to someone else? Why try and be someone else’s body. Be in your own body achieve what you want to achieve. Don’t get me wrong I have sat there before and said all of the above, but now I sit there and tell myself different words. ‘Wow she must have worked hard for them, wonder how I can achieve that’. I don’t compare myself to anyone or at least I try not too. I try and be myself train the way I want to train and do the best I can.

It also really bugs me that all these fitness brands ALWAYS use models that have a strong stance and no one that is curvy.!! That’s a big bug of mine, because I think that you can still be curvy, be fit and healthy at the same time, you don’t have to have a six pack or definition. Fitness is measured very differently to different people. I believe that brands should be embracing that there are girls out there that are on a journey and are curvy. Especially in the world we live in now a days that girls look up to all these models, they should embrace more curvy fit models that’s my opinion.

PT training – as many of you know I’m currently studying a Level 2 in Nutrition and Health. I passed my unit one of 6 yesterday and this week I’ve been thinking about taking it even further. I’ve been thinking of becoming a PT in my local area. I live in small village in Essex and PT training is very few and far between here unless you can go to a gym. I’m not sure whether or not I will do it at the moment but it’s just something that I’m definitely thinking about.

Listening to your body – I’ve been so ill for over a week and I took the time to really rest and not done any training whatsoever. I am so glad. Although it was so hard going back to the gym yesterday it was 100% what my body needed. I needed the rest and I’m so glad I listened. I didn’t feel guilty or bad about not going to the gym. I did however notice how my eating habit changed when I was ill, I craved all the bad foods, chocolate,  takeaways ect. I started back at the gym yesterday and I will stick to being good until Christmas day now. I think my message to you all here that, it is okay to have rest days. It is okay to listen to your body, if anything its SO important to listen to your body. Listen to what it needs and don’t feel guilty about it.









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