Hi guys!

I’m so sorry i’ve been absent for a few weeks now, its just been so hectic at work!! I promise I’m going to try harder to update you all more often.

So today I wrote something on my Instagram about my mindset, how much this has changed over the past 9 months since starting my fitness journey. For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram I’ve posted it below for you.


The biggest challenge you will face on changing your lifestyle will be changing your mind set.

S T A R T I N G P O I N T –
My journey started in May last year when
I started The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Plan. From this point on my mindset changed and I was no longer on a ‘diet’ for the first time. Thanks to the plan I have developed a passion for health and fitness which I share with you everyday!
L E A R N I N G –
I’ve learnt that food (carbs) isn’t the enemy but food is in fact the way to refuel your body.
I don’t need to eat 800 calories or drink shakes all day to loose weight and to be healthy. I can enjoy a night out and not feel guilty about it.

M I N D S E T –
It’s a mental game as much as a physical one. It’s hard, it’s tough and it’s a long road, it doesn’t happen over night.

When I first started in my journey I remember comparing myself to a lot of photos I had seen on Instagram.
I then found the Girl Gains page. Promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. That actually we should stop comparing ourselves to others.
My mindset started to change on what I wanted to achieve. I started asking myself, could I lead a balanced lifestyle and still be happy? Could I learn not to compare myself and set myself unrealistic goals? – YES –
It took a while for me to completely understand as I was just at the start of my fitness journey, but actually it doesn’t matter if you’re at the start or middle! Having a balanced and healthy lifestyle means what works for you.

Once your mindset has changed you’ll find your way – it could take 2 months it could take 4. You’re on your journey! Do what works for you – work towards your own goals – don’t be a sheep. Lead a healthier, balanced life that makes you happy!

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it agin over and over again, the only reason why I blog and share my story is to inspire someone else to take the same steps as me. How happy this journey has made me and learning something new every day. Achieving things that I never thought I would achieve. It gives back the amount you put it, its so rewarding.

If my post at least helps one person in this whole year then I’ll be happy. Remember that you need to be able to change your mindset first, without it’ll be hard to stick to it. I now no longer feel like I’m on a diet, health and fitness is just a part of my life now.

I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog –  if there’s any content you’d like me to cover please let me know.

You can also find me on YouTube at the link below!!

See you guys soon!

Instagram – @healthier_leila

YouTube – goo.gl/DcWffO

Leila x





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