Where did Jan & Feb go? Fitness update.. 

I hope I’m not the only one feeling like the year seems to be running away from me?

February just came and went and after becoming a #girlgains ambassador I’ve been busy planning the first Essex Event.

It’ll take place on Saturday 25 March at Acanteen in Chelmsford a very informal meeting getting to know each other and building a strong community of women in Essex. Tickets at the bottom of you’d like to come along!

Fitness wise – I’m pretty happy with where I am at the moment. After attending Fresh + Fit at the Hoxton hotel back in January I learnt so much from all the amazing influences. I had an opportunity to listen to Alice Liveing do a talk. She really made me realise that whatever you’re doing in the gym, do what you want to do. I’m always conscious that I am not following a plan (after graduating from 90 Day SSS Plan) but I’m happy and isn’t that all that matters?

I’m happy working out doing my own thing. Weekly I plan the gym and try to go 4 times a week, my usually schedule looks a bit like this:

Monday – Treadmill HIIT

Tuesday – weight training + circuit training

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – circuit training

Friday – weights

Saturday – rest or I may go and do weights

Sundays – rest or spin

Remember this is just what works for me, I enjoy going to the gym and could probably fit more weight training in. When I do train weights I try and do supersets. A good source for videos is LDNM muscle Facebook page, they have loads and loads of great workout ideas.

I haven’t seen a huge dramatic change in my body or weight but does that matter? Well, sometimes I do think it matter and others I don’t. I’m not training for a body building competition I’m doing this for me and because I enjoy it. Do I need to see change to be happier? No I don’t think so, I have DOMS when I train hard and that makes me feel good. It makes me feel like my muscles are building under there somewhere!!

I think my whole point of this is that whatever you’re doing, way the gym, following a plan, whatever works for you, carry on. If it fits in with your busy schedule or you love to be in the gym longer and you’re happy, don’t change things because you’ll hate it. The worst thing about working out is hating what you’re doing.

I’m in Amsterdam the next two days for work and I’m hoping to go to ClubSportive tonight for a training session.

I love finding new gyms so I’ll update you guys on what my thoughts are.

As always you can follow my Instagram at

@healhier _leila

Email me at leanleila@gmail.com



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