5 reason why you should visit the Algarve

The Algarve, Portugal

So you’re looking to get away for a short weekend before the summer hits or you’re one of those people who’s left it really late to book their summer holiday

Here’s my top 5 reasons why you should visit the Algarve, Portugal this year.


Well this is obvious, the weather. The Algarve has seen a great winter where temperatures have been between 15 – 18 degrees almost every day. It’s one of the top summer destination to visit by European’s.


The price! Although flight prices can be rather pricy if you’ve left it until the last minute – book early you can a good deal on flights! In places such as Quarteira you will find the prices drops significantly compared to resorts such as Vale Do Lobo, Vilamoura and Albufeira. In Quarteira in particular you can easily feed three adults including wine, starters and mains for less than €90! You’ll find beer prices in some places as low as €1.


There’s plenty of room for everyone! The beaches are spectacular. The length of the south facing coastline is over 150km! There’s so many beaches you’ll de
finitely find a spot for topping up that tan! There’s famous beaches that must be visited including, Praia da Marinha one of the most impressive cliff tops. Praia da Marinha
is also rated in the top 100 beaches in the World. Now if this still doesn’t make you want to visit the Algarve I’m not sure what else you need!


The Algarve boast culture, as does Portugal itself. Silves is one of the most beautiful villages I have been grateful to experience. The castle over looks the town and its worth a visit. It is also the original capital of the Algarve. Other areas parts of the Algarve that you can visit includes, Faro with spectacular architecture, Almancil: admire the Baroque St Lawrence’s Church, Milreu: catch a rare glimpse of ancient Roman life and Tavira: discover a fascinating Old Town.

There’s something for everyone

You’ll find something for everyone in the Algarve. If your idea of a holiday is partying in Vale Do Lobo beach clubs, taking a cultural trip around the
beautiful towns, visiting a water park or simply soaking up the sun on the stunning beaches – you’ll find something that suits you. It is a place where nothing is too far away. From Faro you can drive for miles and it still be very close. You’ll never be too far away from great food, fantastic service and a picturesque town or village. The Algarve has so much to give and enjoy you shouldn’t miss it!

If you would like any tips on where to go or visit please don’t hesitate to email me at leanleila@gmail.com

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