Why you should ditch negative people..

I’m a true believer that you should surround yourself around those that care, love and support you in whatever you want to do. Along with those who are positive and ditch those who are negative influence in your life.

I am lucky that all my friends and family have such a positivie influence on me and my life, however there are may be some instances where you can’t escape those who have a negative mindset.

This can be a hard situation to be in because surrounding yourself with negativity can make you feel worse. It can be difficult at times as this person could be a family member that you can’t detach yourself from or even someone you work with.

I have realised in the last few weeks that it’s hard to have everyone around you who has a positive influence and mind around you. That encourages you and supports you but also congratulates you in the appropriate way.

I try my best to surround myself around those who have a positive impact on  my life and I believe 90% of the time we all have the option to do this. Being around someone who is negative can be difficult for many reasons, it can be challenging to try and change their mindset. It’s even harder if you have to be around those people i.e work and you can’t ‘ditch’ them and remove them from your life.

How can you adapt? I think adapt is a very good word to use. Try and adapt around them, try and stay positive in your mind, don’t let what they are saying or doing impact you – this is much easier said than done. Adapting is something that most of us are very used to – so don’t be afraid to try.

Remember you are not going to change them. You are not going to change this person – so don’t even try. You can of course influence them to look at things differently and tell them your opinions, but don’t waste your time if that doesn’t work. You remain positive and remember your mind set don’t let them bring you down to their level of negative thinking and ways.

Control it from your side not theirs. You are in control of how you feel and how you react around them, remember that.

Whilst having them around you try and remember this quote:

“Positive Vibes, Positive Mind = Positive Life”


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