Why I hate Women’s Health magazine

Have you ever picked up women’s health magazine because they have a catchy front cover? Well this month is no different.

Women’s health magazine front covers is something that has always bugged me. Not only because they don’t use varies sized models but also because of their captions. This month women’s health started their social media campaign #inshapeyourshape, helping to promote being confident and healthy in your own skin. So when I saw the front cover of their magazine I was shocked.

Here it is below for you:

This completely contradicts their campaign. “Get her abs in 10 move” – impossible.

“Toned, fit & fierce total body tone up in 25 minutes” also impossible.

This sends a message to young women that you should have abs, that you should be toned to be health… is this true?

There are so many amazing inspiring women who are trying so hard to change the industry and the way women feel about themselves. I feel that women’s health is throwing this back at them and all their hard efforts are being struck down. Women like Zanna van Dijk, Tally Rye, Victoria Spence, Abbie Russel… the list goes on..

Women’s health should be working towards aligning their social media message with their magazine.

So with that all being said Hannah Wright and I decided to make good from this situation, so we have decided to start a new hashtag what we’d love for you to use!

The hashtag will be #realwomenshealth its to send out the message about loving yourself and not your asthetics. So join us by using this hashtag on your social media!

As always please feel free to email me or comment below.


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