IBS – how it controls my life

This is something I don’t often talk enough about – I live with IBS. I’ve had it since before I started University and something I’ve always just “lived with”. I guess I should talk more about it as it’s affected my life quite recently and I know a lot of the people also live with it.

I have pinned down that most of the time my IBS occurs when I’m stressed. The reason why I’ve been suffering of late is due to a number of reason, stress, work load and juggling my balanced life. I always preach about having a balanced lifestyle but for me this hasn’t been happening lately. I’ve had so much going on. Firstly I had a big #girlgains event on Sunday 25th June which I was SO nervous about. Things at work aren’t as easy as they used to be, I try not to stress but that’s hard when your wanting to excel in your career, and thirdly fitting in training for the duathlon – another pressure I put on myself.

Thankfully the event went well so that only leaves me with battling the pressure I put on myself. I know I’m not alone on doing this either.

Having IBS has been something that has always been part of my life, I have always just “lived with it”. I have found ways of deadling with it and getting on. I have tried many variations of different tables – none succeeded.

My IBS is very temperamental, I can be absolutely fine for months and then it strikes again. For example my most recent bout was over 5 days leading up to the event.

I also find that IBS is all in my mindset, if I think or believe I’m going to have it – I will have it.

For me it’s under control but I know others do suffer with it even worst.

I’ve heard about a number of probiotics something which I’m currently exploring and may try in the future.

I just wanted to write this article because if you’re suffering I want you to know that you’re not alone. I know exactly how you feel, everywhere you go making sure you know where the loo is just in case. I try my best not to let it disable me in too many ways.

If you’re suffering with IBS I’d love to hear from you and how you deal with your symptoms, everyone is different.

As always drop me a line


Leila x


5 thoughts on “IBS – how it controls my life

  1. Hey Leila! I struggle with IBS as well its not fun at all. I feel like for me stress for sure makes it worse. I suggest you try the yogurt activa it’s helped me a lot in the past, and if you need fiber I’d try benefiber you can take it everyday!


  2. I love this post, thank you so much for sharing! I suffer from IBS too and whilst I used to concentrate so much on what food affected it, my main trigger is stress also. I find that exercise really helps (especially yoga), as does taking a good probiotic!


    1. I was the same always concentrated on what food affected me but actually it was stress too! I tired yoga but found the breathing really difficult I’m going to try probiotics this week and see how I go! Im please you enjoyed reading this post and I love how we can all share our experiences xx

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