The real reason I haven’t been blogging

I’ve been really terrible at blogging lately and feel that it’s one side that I haven’t put as much effort into.

Writing and blogging is something I love, I can share my ups and downs and unlike Instagram or twitter I don’t have a word limit.

It’s where I can share and express myself the best.

So, why haven’t I been blogging lately, well the main reason is time. I currently have a full time job and juggling blogging as well as my social life can be hard. However this isn’t the only reason.

The real reason is pretty exciting. I’ve been working so hard on creating a new online publication!!! Yep, that’s right!! I’m no journalist or publicist but hey I’m giving it a good go.

Now, you may remember a while back I wrote a blog post about Women’s Health magazine and how I absolutely hated the front page. They advertised a load of utter rubbish like ‘get abs in 6 moves’. So let’s be real here, that’s never ever going to happen! So from that I decided I wanted to turn it into a positive.

I had no idea where to start but I started…somehow..! I spent most evenings working on it and the articles which featured within the magazine. I gave myself two months to do this and on 1st August it went live!

I want to highlight important articled in the magazine, from mental health to eating disorders to cancer. I want it to be a real magazine that everyone can read, related and be inspired by some amazing people who will be featured. So, Real Magazine was created!

What an amazing response it has had so far! I am literally buzzing this week. It’s reached over 600 views and 60 subscribers. So where can you find it?

Well simply click on this link to find out what all the fuss is about! I can’t wait for you to read it and remember to subscribe!

















2 thoughts on “The real reason I haven’t been blogging

  1. Hey Leila! I think it is awesome that you’re doing this! I am so impressed and I just love to follow along on people’s journeys like you who want something and then GO AFTER IT :)) I wish you the very best & have to say I love your Real Mag!


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