Body confidence tips & tricks

Let’s talk about body confidence. You may or may not have seen over the past few months / year that this has become a subjected that’s being talked about a lot more. As an influencer on social media who promoted #bodyconfidence I feel that I really need to address some ‘aspects’ and also give you a real insight of what body confidence means to me.

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Instagram followers – do numbers really matter?

I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a while and I think now is no better time to share it.

A lot of us obsess over the number of Instagram followers we have, why? I suppose the main reason is because brands then use you to promote their products. Although I believe that this is still the case, over the last couple of months I have seen some amazing engagement and I only have 3,000 followers.  How?

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The real reason I haven’t been blogging

I’ve been really terrible at blogging lately and feel that it’s one side that I haven’t put as much effort into.

Writing and blogging is something I love, I can share my ups and downs and unlike Instagram or twitter I don’t have a word limit.

It’s where I can share and express myself the best.

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My first week of reducing meat intake

So, my first week of reducing my meat intake and how do I feel? Well, I actually haven’t noticed a difference!

For those that haven’t read my previous blog post I have started to reduce my meat intake. By reduce I mean two of my daily three meals will be vegetarian. As I’ve previously mentioned I’m not fussed about meat and never have been.

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Am I becoming a vegetarian?

So, I’ve never been overly fussed about meat, I don’t eat beef and hardly eat red meat. This got me thinking, should I turn veggie. This comes with a lot of thought and planning. I’ve been lucky that I have a huge support network for girls around me who I’ve been able to ask several questions about becoming a vegetarian too.

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IBS – how it controls my life

This is something I don’t often talk enough about – I live with IBS. I’ve had it since before I started University and something I’ve always just “lived with”. I guess I should talk more about it as it’s affected my life quite recently and I know a lot of the people also live with it.

I have pinned down that most of the time my IBS occurs when I’m stressed. The reason why I’ve been suffering of late is due to a number of reason, stress, work load and juggling my balanced life. I always preach about having a balanced lifestyle but for me this hasn’t been happening lately. I’ve had so much going on. Firstly I had a big #girlgains event on Sunday 25th June which I was SO nervous about. Things at work aren’t as easy as they used to be, I try not to stress but that’s hard when your wanting to excel in your career, and thirdly fitting in training for the duathlon – another pressure I put on myself.

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Am I giving up blogging?

I’ve just returned home (quite literally) after a week away in Portugal.

I had such a nice relaxing week with no plans or agenda. Before I left I had a planned to blog whilst I was away and create as much content as I could.

When I got here it was the last thing that I wanted to do. I wanted to sit out in the sun and listen to podcasts and music, I didn’t want to blog.

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Why I hate Women’s Health magazine

Have you ever picked up women’s health magazine because they have a catchy front cover? Well this month is no different.

Women’s health magazine front covers is something that has always bugged me. Not only because they don’t use varies sized models but also because of their captions. This month women’s health started their social media campaign #inshapeyourshape, helping to promote being confident and healthy in your own skin. So when I saw the front cover of their magazine I was shocked.

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What does fit & healthy mean to you / the benefits of walking

We all know that exercise has so many benefits for keeping our bodies fit and healthy, but what does this mean to you?
Does being fit and healthy mean striving for an aesthetic appearance? Does it mean striving to be the best you can be?

I think being fit and healthy has lost a lot of it’s meaning.

For me it doesn’t mean having a thigh gap or wash board abs, because that is not sustainable.

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